Nice to meet you

Hello, friends! I'm Nina.

From the time I was 10 years old helping tend a butterfly garden at my school, playing in the dirt has had a magnetic effect on me- I just have to plant seeds and water them. I study sustainable earth systems late at night and am fascinated with how a plant is created to turn sunlight into food that nourishes our bodies- and if done right, creates community & invites people in. The Dirt Academy is exactly that- a community of people learning the wonder of growing food at home.  

I have worked on all kinds of farms and although growing food can be exhausting at times, there is a primal satisfaction and joy to firing up the grill at night to cook my medley of garden veggies to perfection. My cast iron pan has done it's time to roast the purple sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, radishes glazed with local honey... I could go on and on. My delight is in sharing this life-changing task with everyone I meet- digging up the grass, preparing the ground, planting seeds and watering them, harvesting the purest food on earth and sharing it- restoring the local earth systems  and ourselves one square foot of garden space at a time. 


organic gardening masterclass


Learning to grow 

Recently, everyone I talk to is infatuated with local, beyond organic, and homegrown produce, and everyone wants a garden overflowing with their favorite veggies. The questions come up when you decide to go for it and start a garden. If you grew up in a home that gardened, you're lucky because most of us have lost that generational wisdom on how to grow our own food. Now we're googling answers and finding a million semi-relevant articles. There are so many resources out there, but every garden is different and the vague instructional websites aren't always helpful. In the years that I have been helping start gardens with friends in their backyards, I've got this down to a science! Everyone asks me the same few questions and I'd immediately make plans with them to help out. In my dreams of helping everyone I know enjoy the process of starting a garden, The Dirt Academy was born. 

What you'll learn 

In this online Masterclass, you'll log into a website just like you would to  your email address. I've combined everything you need to know to build a raised-bed or in-ground garden from scratch in a series of simple organized videos and downloadable worksheets. As you watch the videos, the print outs will help you personalize the size, shape, and contents of your garden. You'll learn how the seasons determine when you plant each veggie, where to buy your seeds, what to look for in your soil mix, how to start a compost pile, how to build raised beds or where to buy quality kits, how to manage pests and weeds organically, when to harvest each veggie and how to store it so it lasts as long as possible, and SO much more. You'll be amazed at how quickly you will learn!


Once you're a part of the Dirt Academy, you're welcome to join The Dirt Academy private Facebook group. Once accepted, you can be inspired by photos from other gardens popping up from the Academy, ask questions of each other- and me! I'll be there often to support you,  answer any questions you might have and give you advice if you need some help getting to the next step! Because of this resource, The Dirt Academy is basically a personalized consulting service. 

i love good deals

For $97, you'll receive lifetime access to continually-updated Dirt Academy online content. With dozens of videos on specific garden topics and PDFs packed with helpful information, it'll help you establish and reestablish your garden for years! As soon as this round of seats in the course get filled up with new and amazing students, the price will go back up to market value.   

Good heavens, Nina! Those radishes were no joke. Best thing I’ve ever made, thanks to you! Gardening is one of the most worthwhile things I’ve done in life thus far. I’m so excited. Thanks for encouraging my excitement and helping me so much. I’m so excited to keep learning.
— Rebekah, Nashville TN

private consulting services


In your backyard

For those of you who want the bountiful garden, but don't have time to do it yourself in this season of life, I would be glad to add you to the list of clients I garden for. For this service, I drive to your home and establish your garden. I bring all of the tools and materials to your backyard and do the set-up work. Sounds nice, huh? From here, I either give you the knowledge you need to keep it going (and my cell phone number) or I can come tend to it weekly or monthly. For garden installations, I can work at my hourly fee or quote you a price for the entire project. All maintenance services are on an hourly basis. Reach out in the Contact form so we can chat about what this would look like for you! 

on the phone

If you need that bit of extra help in the planning process, I also do phone consultations. If you email me photos of your yard and have your dream garden in mind, we can talk through the basics and I will give you a garden plan within about an hour. We will talk about sunlight, soil texture, seeds, transplants, spacing, and care of your garden. 




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I'm always here to chat about your garden!