Grow the garden you've always wanted.


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So you want to start your garden, but don’t want to waste your already limited time, money, and energy on plants that will die?



1.Join the Academy.

Starting is the hardest part and I’m here to help! Register using our easy process and then you’re in! Let’s goooo.

2.learn with Nina.

Once you’re in, you’ll have complete access to over 9 hours of video content and worksheets tailored to helping you!

3.Grow Your Garden.

Now it’s time to get out there. Try out what you’ve learned and join in alongside others in our community!


Imagine eating from your own garden. 


Hey Friends, I'm Nina,

From the time I was 10 years old helping tend a butterfly garden at my school, playing in the dirt has had a magnetic effect on me- I just have to plant seeds and water them. I study sustainable earth systems late at night and am fascinated with how a plant is created to turn sunlight into food that nourishes our bodies- and if done right, creates community & invites people in. The Dirt Academy is exactly that- a community of people learning the wonder of growing food at home.  





1.The MasterClass.

In this online Masterclass, you'll log into a website just like you would to  your email address. I've combined everything you need to know to build a raised-bed or in-ground garden from scratch in a series of simple organized videos and downloadable worksheets. As you watch the videos, the print outs will help you personalize the size, shape, and contents of your garden. 

2.Facebook Community.

Once you're a part of the Dirt Academy, you're welcome to join The Dirt Academy private Facebook group. Once accepted, you can be inspired by photos from other gardens popping up from the Academy, ask questions of each other- and me! I'll be there often to support you,  answer any questions you might have and give you advice if you need some help getting to the next step! Because of this resource, The Dirt Academy is basically a personalized consulting service. 

3.Private Consultations.

For those of you who want the bountiful garden, but don't have time to do it yourself in this season of life, I would be glad to add you to the list of clients I garden for. For this service, I drive to your home and establish your garden. If you need that bit of extra help in the planning process, I also do phone consultations.  


"Garden as though you will live forever."

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