Grow the garden you've always wanted.



So you want to start your garden, but have a lot of questions?

don’t worry, we gotcha.



1. message Nina.

Starting is the hardest part and I’m here to help! Let’s talk about your dream of growing your own veggies and fruits at home.

2. backyard consult.

If you’re local to South Florida, you can reserve a spot on Nina’s consulting calendar so she can come see your space. Everything will sketch a few custom designs.

3. garden installation.

Nina will bring sustainable lumber, soil, vegetable starts and fruit trees with her crew to install your new garden. She will show you the best maintenance plans for maximum (delicious) harvest.


Imagine eating from your own garden. 


Hey Friends, I'm Nina,

I learned to farm in northern Indiana, worked on farms and served my clients in Nashville for several years, and now live in South Florida (where I grew up!) with my husband on 10 acres with our chickens. We are starting a farm on 10 acres and love having land to call HOME.

Two years ago, I wrote an online Organic Gardening Masterclass- a video series & book of worksheets- to help you plan, build, tend, and harvest from a home garden. This video shows you the basics in 9 minutes.

If you want a DIY garden but want to learn from me first, send me an email! Let’s get started!



what is the dirt Academy?

1.custom raised-bed vegetable gardens.

Nina builds custom outdoor living spaces and raised bed vegetable gardens. Sustainable & local materials. Healthy environment to grow your favorite fresh foods at home. And even a few string lights if you’re feelin’ fancy.

2.nina’s farm.

Nina & her husband are tending 10 acres in South Florida (where she grew up!) raising animals and vegetable gardens and fruit trees. The land is a blank slate dotted with towering Slash Pine trees. They have big, big dreams.

3. learn to grow.

The Dirt Academy was created to inspire local food into every home. Learning the beauty of raising veggies, the excitement of harvest is the heartbeat. Nina teaches workshops and an online course. Email for workshop inquiries.

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"Garden as though you will live forever."

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